The Oura Ring: The Best Sleep Tool on the Market

The Oura Ring: The Best Sleep Tool on the Market

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Bottom line up front: If you didn't know, sleep is one of the most important factors involved in performance. Americans are chronically sleep deprived day in and day out due to longer work days and higher expected output. If we can increase our sleep recovery by even 5% the benefits can be sky high. This is where we start to look for a device that allows us to monitor our recovery yet still remain under the radar. Enter...the Oura Ring.

The Oura Ring is one of the most advanced wearables on the market today. Commonly competing with the WHOOP Strap, the Oura ring has found a home among america's elite from the military to the board room. The ring itself is an activity tracker which relies on three variables; body temperature, heart rate, and an accelerometer. These three metrics provide a uniquely individualized insight about recovery and daily routine, which in turn will lead us to better performance.

Advanced wearable under the radar

The Oura Ring comes fresh with the Oura App. The app includes many different measurements proprietary to the company's approach to recovery. Their own recovery metric includes everything from heart rate variability (HRV) to resting heart rate and resting body temperature. The Accelerometer measures caloric output which can be reasonable estimated based on inputs from the individual. Very useful when estimating calories in to calories out for those health nuts out there.

The ring itself can be worn with minimal signature to anyone other than the wearer. This allows military members to simply wear the Oura as a wedding ring replacement. All of the benefits from the technology without any of the fallout from higher, a win win.

The Readiness index shows a combination of variables; resting heart rate, HRV balance, body temperature, recovery index, previous nights sleep, sleep balance, previous day's activity, and activity balance to show the level of readiness for any given day. Each of these metrics can be clicked on to explore the deeper meaning behind them.

What this really comes down to is do you want to take your recovery to the next level. Those at the top of the ladder, whether that be in the military or Fortune 500 companies, you will see these rings on the hands of the elite. They are the ones pushing the limits of mental and physical performance and know the value it can bring them.

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