Elite Fitness Programs

We are active special operation soldiers and these are the programs we use day in day out. Here is the down and dirty. They can be repeated over and over or the way we do it which is a cycle of Renegade, Maverick, and Faster. Reach out with questions on IG. 


Renegade is our daily go to when we're on operational cycle. Focuses on strength with speed implements as well on a percentage based program so it can be scaled for anyone from beginner to expert. 


Maverick is our program we use post Renegade when we want to focus more on specific muscle groups and change up the programming. Think crossfit with the right amount of body building and cardio mixed in. 


When we change gears and have endurance events coming up we look to Faster programming. This is when you need to get legs: aka speed and distance and fast. Maintain the strength you have and make it all more nimble. This is our post Maverick program. 

Elite Selection Prep

This is the best selection program out there. We don't say it lightly, we say it because it has proven results. It is the exact program we have used to make it to the top of the realm of special operations where we work to this day. It can be scaled to be used for ranger school training, Ranger Assessment and Selection, SFAS, or anything higher you might be aiming for as a senior military member. 

Omega Renegade

This is our go to, our daily programming, from years of coaching, training, and traveling across the globe, adding what we like and taking away what we don't. Its not just a program, we've included links and knowledge to help your longevity, including recovery modalities and getting the most our of your body. This is our go to, you see it in the journals posted day after day, it is a program that can be bought once, added to and run over and over, increasing percentages as you go. Click the image below to get started.


Faster is a 10 week program designed to make you lean and mean. That being said endurance is the name of the game here. We run, we lift, we work and we scale it up in a way that will not break you off. We work up to a 10 mile final distance. If you're feeling like you need a change from the lift, lift, repeat lifestyle and want to feel fast and nimble yet maintain your strength, this is for you. 

Omega Maverick

Omega Maverick was made to increase speed and strength across all tactical applications. From the 300 meter sprint on the X to the longer duration offset slug fest. This new program was designed by one of our coaches who has lived the life and is a steward of the profession. If you want to build your tactical foundation and destroy your peers, try Maverick.


Elite Military

Selection Program

Whether its basic training, Ranger school, RASP, CCT Training, PJ selection, INDOC, SFAS, this programming will have you ready and showing up injury free. It was designed to allow you to peak at the proper time to attack selection and emerge victorious. Take our knowledge and apply it to your performance.


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