The Undervalued Use of Protein

The Undervalued Use of Protein

Are you getting enough?

One of the greatest missed opportunities when it comes to our nutritional goals is the lack of protein. Having one shake a day sometimes is simply not enough to fulfill the goals required by and elite performer at the top of their game. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends 1.2 to 1.7 grams per kilogram body weight. This averages to about 130 grams for a 200 lb person. That is quite a feat considering one egg has 8 grams protein with a shake having at most 24 grams per serving. Do some of your own research to see how much you are actually getting.

My go to

During times where I am pushing my physicality and looking for improvements I ingest at least 2 x 24 gram shakes per day. Usually one immediately upon waking and then one after the daily lift or cardio session. If its an off day, make that shake with your lunch.

You really need to take a second look at your protein intake

I want to simply point to the fact that you need to be eating more protein. If you think your intake is enough, give it another look. The odds are that you're still insufficient with regards to your protein intake. We get it, its hard to find the discipline to make a shake then force it down each morning or again after each workout, clean the shaker after, etc. I recommend looking into the Ready-To-Drink (or RTD) varieties of shakes. Muscle Milk's RTD variety has gotten many of us through a long stint abroad and helped equally as much back home.

Enforce Consistency

The real ticket is to find out how one can ensure they will take the protein when they need to take it every day...indefinitely. Consistency is the modality to success in all things. This is also true with supplementation. We need to realize that the human creature is notoriously lazy and make our habits convenient to that hundred of thousand year old brain. It's too easy for "something to come up," and miss the opportunity. I hate to tell you but the best don't get to being the best through missed opportunities.

Make it convenient for you

You are going to have to take an honest look at yourself and decide where you need to put your supplements in order to ensure you take them. I like to keep an RTD shake in my day pack, in the car, some at home and at work. Then it is nearly impossible to miss the opportunity. Whether that be at the office in the fridge, or in your day pack on the trail, do what is going to work for you.

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