The Blackbook Training Journal

The Fitness and Training Journal That Is Changing The Game Across The Globe

Created By and For Those Who Want To Get The Most From Their Fitness

The Training Journal Of 2021

The Omega Project Black Book is the most complete training journal on the market today without the clutter. It was created with one idea in mind: Get every possible advantage to become the best version of you. Start the habit of being accountable to yourself.

Track the variables tracked by Fortune 500 Executives, Elite Military Units, and Professional Sports Teams

Control the habits that are holding you back and become the final version of yourself

Find your Omega State

Track the Variables that matter when pushing you to the next level of performance in the gym, at work, or your craft. These are the variables tracked by Fortune 500 CEO's, Elite Military Units, and Professional Athletes. If you're not tracking these variables, you are missing out on your potential

Veteran Owned and Operated

Created By US Special Operations Veterans

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