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The Black Book Training Journal (Pack of 3)

The Black Book Training Journal (Pack of 3)

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The Black Book Training Journal was created by US Special Operations Forces on deployment between combat missions, after the realization that there wasn't a product out there to fulfill our needs as modern-day athletes. We required a platform that was designed to be used with modern day wearables such as activity trackers, sleep trackers and fitness apps. 

Instead of wasting the monotonous downtime of deployment, we worked with our trainers, cognitive coaches, nutritionists, physical therapists, and our fellow shooters to create the best fitness journal we could. We rigorously tested this product in the deserts of Iraq and Syria, after multiple prototypes, we came up with what you see today. 

This journal is in use across all of the Department of Defense. Units include: USASOC, 75th Rangers, Special Forces units, FBI Hostage Rescue Team, Navy Seals, 82nd Airborne, and more. We are also a licensed government contractor if you wish to purchase at the unit levelreach our via email for discounted rates. 

This is NOT a revolutionary new product, it is a simple yet effective tool, it is a detailed and organized way of learning to master the basics of your fitness. Mastering the basics is what enables our shooters to be the best in the world and that begins with our fitness. 

Track your mobility/ fitness programming  / sleep / recovery / vitamin intake / supplement intake / body weight / mindfulness activities / and more to become 1% better each day. 
Detailed Features:

  • Kilogram to pounds conversion chart (for that moment when you ended up in a foreign desert surrounded by kilograms).
  • Collapsible pouch into the back (stash your cash, ID, and badges)
  • Pre-Cut Pen Slit in the front
  • Elastic Band
  • Leather Hardcover Journal Built For Durability
  • Heavy weight sheeting to resist sweat
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