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The Gunfighter's Journal 2 Pack

The Gunfighter's Journal 2 Pack

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The Gunfighter Journal was designed from years of training and combat deployments. Tested and used on real world missions by the best combat shooters in the world. We went though 9 iterations before we got it to where we wanted it. This is our tool for mastering our shooting prowess, our mission planning, and our institutional ballistics knowledge. Everyone from the day one hobbyist to the 20 year Special Operator can take advantage of this training tool. In the end the best in the world are simply masters of the basics.

-Daily Firearm Training: Our go to template for flat range, shoot house, long range, dry fire, USPSA competition, PRS competition, even Jumpmaster AAR's have been done with this portion. 

-Mission Planning and Execution: Briefing template, battlefield geo, helo plans, park plans, grids, timelines, to do lists, up-and-out-AAR, Personal AAR. 

-Appendices: Institutional knowledge, Mil Radians, Minute of Angle, range estimation formulas yards/meters, mechanical offset/CQB holdover explanation, demolition charge data sheet, our new map sections, and more

-Notes: For use when in a course to take down instructors knowledge or for day to day usage as a regular notebook for us mil folks

Other Features Include:

-Shooting drill to get you started in the right direction with safety considerations.

-Inside cover has place for gate codes, range codes, connex codes, & barrel round count.

-Rear cover has ruler and pocket for access badges.

-Pen slit is located on the back for writing utensil. 


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