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The Nutrition Journal (Pack of 3)

The Nutrition Journal (Pack of 3)

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The Nutrition Journal was created by US Special Operations Forces on deployment between combat missions. Each trip we create a new journal with our fellow shooters. This time we sought out to improve our diets. After working with our cognitive coach and nutritionists we came up with a journal that had never been attempted before. A nutrition journal that uses cognitive association to re-train our brain how to view food. This product has been in use by nutritionists and soldiers across the Department of Defense working to dial in their diets.  


This is NOT a revolutionary new product, it is a simple yet effective tool, it is a detailed and organized way of learning to retrain how you view and use food. Mastering the basics is what enables our shooters to be the best in the world and diet is the foundation of performance.

Track your Diet using the same to as U.S. Special Operations Personnel


  • Collapsible pouch into the back (stash your cash, ID, and badges)
  • Pre-Cut Pen Slit in the front
  • Elastic Band
  • Leather Hardcover Journal Built For Durability
  • Heavy weight sheeting to resist sweat
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